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Avoiding the "hobgoblin" of small minds

Is it time to reform the Senate? In the past, I’ve resisted the temptation to climb aboard the reform “bandwagon”, believing that the existence an independent house of “sober second thought” - like the Senate - in our legislative process is a good thing. Not having to pander to special interests or party officials to keep their jobs, senators are free to ensure that bills passed by a sometimes emotionally-charged House of Commons are as fair and effective as we all would want them to be. But now, after giving the subject my own dose of “sober second thought”, I’ve changed my mind.


A Whiff of Totalitarianism

It's painful to witness the travails of a son trying desperately to measure up to the reputation of a famous father, especially when the son's efforts miss the mark so badly, which is what happened recently when Justin Trudeau suggested that he might support Quebec independence if Canada were ever to succumb to Stephen Harper's "hidden agenda" to do away with same-sex marriage and abortion.


Is it time to reconsider funding for private schools in Ontario?

As parents in Ontario are forced once again to deal with labour unrest in public schools, perhaps it is time to re-open the discussion on expanding educational choice by allowing those who send their children to private schools to direct their education taxes to the institutions they select.


Vancouver's 'safe' injection site - A sad and shameful anniversary

This week saw the fifth anniversary of the opening of INSITE, North American’s first and only so-called safe injection site for intravenous drug users, located in downtown Vancouver. It’s nothing short of scandalous that the doors of this shameful monument to the triumph of ideology over common-sense and compassion remain open.


God save us from "public" health care

It’s ironic that the politician most credited with bringing health care under the control of government in Canada was also an ordained Baptist minister – in today’s secular parlance, a Christian fundamentalist. Given his strong religious convictions, one cannot help but wonder how Tommy Douglas would react to the drama now unfolding in a Winnipeg courtroom, where a Christian hospital is fighting, with the approval and full financial backing of the government (meaning taxpayers are footing the bill), for the “right” to stop caring for an elderly disabled man by the name of Samuel Golubchuk.

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